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The Coterie - Aesthete
The Coterie
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Spare Lead - Let's Run Faster When We Have Lost Our Way
Spare Lead
Let's Run Faster When...
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800 Octane - Requiem
800 Octane
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No Trigger - Extinction In Stereo
No Trigger
Extinction In Stereo
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Q: I'm in a band and want to send you our demo. Are you accepting demos and if so, where should I send it?
A: We always accept demos and we listen to EVERYTHING we receive. Due to the overwhelming amount of demos we receive, we CANNOT guarantee that you will hear back from us. If your music catches our attention, we will contact you. Please do not take it as an insult if you do not hear from us. It plainly means your music is not the style we are looking for and we do not feel we can help you. We will however, pass your music on to other labels and/or promoters that we feel could help you and your group. So please, feel free to send us one, just don't be expecting a reply. Please do not e-mail us, asking if we received your demo. Most likely we did and it wasn't what we are looking for. Along with the demo, be sure to include an e-mail address & phone number so we can get a hold of you. You should also send a bio, promo picture, stickers, t-shirts, etc. Let us know how hard working you are and that you promote yourselves. Note: We love t-shirts and wear them everywhere! Send us a t-shirt and get free promotion in Oregon... even if we don't like your music (size large). And most importantly... WE ARE A PUNK LABEL!!! That means we release punk albums. If you or your band are not classified as punk, please do not send us your demo. Please take a listen to our artists to see what style we are looking for. This will save us both time and energy and will save you money. Send packages to: New School Records!, Attn: Demo Submissions, P.O. Box 2094, Oregon City, OR 97045.

Q: Does New School have a street team? If so, how do I join?
A: We are actually in the middle of organizing a street team. If you are a hard worker, go to a lot of concerts, go to a lot of local music stores and want to help spread the word of New School and all our artists, get in touch with Jeff (jeffh[at] He is in charge of the whole thing!

Q: I am interested in the music industry and want to work for New School. Do you offer internships?
A: We are sorry to say we do not currently have any openings for interns. If you want to learn about the music industry, consider joining our street team (look above). A great deal of the music industry is about promotion and getting your artists names out to the world.

Q: I am putting together a compilation and I would like to include New School bands on it. Can I use some of your bands and who should I contact?
A: You bet you can! E-mail Jeremy (jeremy[at] and tell him about the compilation (title, format, confirmed bands, distribution, etc.) and he'll get you everything you need.

Q: I work for a magazine and would like to review your releases or want New School to advertise with us. How do I get on your promo mailing list and give you Ad rates?
A: Please send us a copy of your latest issue. Also include the Ad rates and circulation / distribution info. If we feel your magazine will benefit us and our artists, we will get a hold of you.

Q: I work at a radio station and I would like to play one of your titles and add it to our play list. How can I get radio promos?
A: We will gladly give out our music for radio play, but we need to know our stuff is actually getting airtime. We require playlists and station info to be sent to us via e-mail. For further details, send an e-mail to radio[at]

Q: I work at a store and want to stock your catalog. Who should I talk to?
A: We are currently exclusive with NAIL Distribution ( | 1-800-288-2007 x2009), so we cannot sell directly to you. Contact NAIL for their newest catalog or to purchase our releases at a low price. Our catalog is also available through many one stops including AEC, Super Discount, Arrow, Norwalk and more. For stores outside the US, contact NAIL, Revelation, Choke, FAB or Big Mouth JPN.

Q: I work for a distribution company and we want to distribute your releases. Who should I talk to?
A: We are currently exclusive in the US with NAIL Distribution (; therefore we cannot work with any new distributors in the US at the moment. We are however always looking for more distribution outside of the US. If you would like to discuss possible distribution opportunities, please e-mail distro[at]

Q: I don't have any money. Can I have some free stuff?
A: We cannot just hand out free stuff and stay in business. We do however offer opportunities to receive free merchandise from time to time. Check out the free stuff section of our site for our latest giveaways. Also, by subscribing to our mailing list, you are entered in our new release drawing. Every time we release a new CD, we choose 5 random winners to receive a copy of the new release. To sign up, just enter your e-mail address below and click the "Click Here To Join" button.